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July 26th, 2016 by J

Sarah Michelle Gellar seemed to have been born to be a star. She’s a natural since she was a young girl and this fact started her career when she was only four years old. If you get discovered by agents at such young age, there’s no doubt that you possess that star quality just like how Gellar caught people’s eye by being her adorable clever self. If you think that it’s only Reese Witherspoon who has both brains and beauty just because Gellar ended up with being the bitchy role in their film Cruel Intentions, there’s more to Gellar than just being that nasty tit. She’s been married to co-star, Freddie Prinze, Jr., for 14 years and that is saying a lot especially for people in Hollywood. And though they have two kids, Gellar and Prinze never fail to share intimate moments together and at the most unlikely of places. This ain’t new to them though, and this is actually one of the reasons why they clicked. Gellar is one adventurous chick and a lot of men would confess they are intimidated by her.

Probably, which is why Prinze stood out from the rest as he was challenged by Gellar’s effect on both men and women, and pursued her until he finally got her for himself entirely. Then there are these fantasies that Gellar shared with her spouse, doing naughty things while working out, and she started by having herself recorded and teasing Prinze in the nude. She’s itching to do more than just strip naked but Prinze insisted she enjoy herself while touching herself and spreading those legs while posing on the equipments where they plan to have sex later. She does like the sound of ‘enjoy herself’, as she gets pleasure for when she sees her husband enjoying her every kinky video especially when it’s both of them doing the filming. Gellar starts going naked and teasing by caressing her skin and touching herself. Hubby tells her what to do at times but she’s her own director for the most part, which makes everything perfect since Prinze likes getting surprised by his wild and sleazy wife. Gellar does mirror her character in Cruel Intentions, as she is also one hell of a sex siren there, but she’s too smart to just show everything all at once in this debut amateur porn flick.

Hot and horny Sarah Michelle Gellar goes wild in the nude

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This hot vampire slayer has a lot in store than just her good looks and fine acting skills. And aside from starting young with her career, she has also a lot of time exploring her kinky side with her friends. She may have been bullied a lot of times as a kid but this may be one of the reasons as to how she has become the strong and intelligent woman that she is today. Getting exposed in public, to fame, different cultures as early as four years old, Sarah Michelle Gellar is sure to tap into the wild part of life sooner or later and she did.

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And as she did, she got somewhat a bit clumsy and let out a couple of her homemade sex tapes leak and probably forgotten that they still make round on the web up to this day. Here’s one of her hardcore escapades that you need to see. A pretty wild younger version of Sarah Michelle having a sleazy time sucking a pal’s cock and enjoying a rough fuck in the bedroom. This is also her first to try having her tight virgin ass stretched as she bends over.

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Here are some hardcore pics for hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. In this picture, we have Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar) having sex with a vampire. Instead of the usual scenario of Buffy driving a wooden stake into the vampire’s heart; here we see the vampire driving his woody into Buffy’s wet pussy.

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And here we have a fantasy pic of Buffy caught in a compromising position with the wicked vampire Spike (British actor James Marsters).  In the photo we see Spike, drilling his fully erect, um , spike up Buffy’s aroused twat.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a one of the most popular television shows ever made; it has a large cult following of fans of the series. It’s about a pom-pom shaking cheerleader named Buffy Summers who finds out that it is her destiny to save the world from vampires. To see more Sarah Michelle Gellar sex photos,  just click on the link.

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It doesn’t come as a surprise us to us upon discovering some of these revealing and explicit photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar who happens to fancy herself some serious blowjob action as she gets photographed in all of her sleazy glory, but what keeps us all hard and stiff underneath is witnessing the aftermath of her naughty endeavor and you get some of the hottest and sloppiest glory shots of the vampire slayer as buckets of thick, gooey jizz flow down from her face and down further to her tits and sweet pussy. Seeing Sarah Michelle’s pretty face dunked with spunk is absolute bliss!

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The sleaze just keeps on coming… and we are as excited as hell to give you more of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her well-hidden “secrets” that has been leaked to the public for some time now and we happen to stumble upon some of her steamy and explicit pictures that contain the lovely Buffy Summers naked down to her feet bending over and getting her tight ass plugged and stuffed with some real manly goodness that will make your eyes pop and your little buddy stiff as a rock! We didn’t know that Sarah Michelle Gellar loved anal sex that much that she needed to get herself photographed while some cock slid in and out of her bunghole… well, these hot anal sex photos of her are enough proof that Buffy can get really nasty whenever she gets caught “from behind.”

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She may be that ass-kicking vampire slayer Buffy stabbing wooden stakes into her blood-sucking enemies but Sarah Michelle Gellar has something up her sleeves and this time she won’t be kicking vampire butts and stabbing stakes right through them but now Sarah Michelle is twisting some things around and now she gets to be stabbed with “wooden stakes” right through her gaping love holes and inside her hungry mouth as she transforms into one cum-sucking slut with these never-before-seen hardcore sex pictures of Buffy that has been leaked out in the public and everyone will be talking about it now that the real Sarah Michelle Gellar has shown her naughty side.

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